Law & Order SVU – Screenplay

Setting: Special Victims Unit located within the 16th Precinct in Manhattan, New York City.

The scene opens with Captain Olivia Benson sitting behind her desk in her office on a heated phone call with her superior Chief Garland.

“Yes, Chief, I know we have heard the allegations against the man many times; there just has never been any actual proof.”

She listens to the Chief for a few seconds.

“Yes, Chief, I’m sorry the Mayor is on your case and is insistent we follow-up and do something. I understand, I really do. It is just that no matter how many times we have tried, we have never uncovered anything concrete.

She again listens for a few seconds.

“I know, I know. After what we have just gone through with the Catholic clergy, we have to toughen up our stance on pedophilia. It’s just that we will get crucified if we are proven wrong in this case.”

She again listens for a few seconds.

“Chief, I understand all the optics. Yes, I do understand he looks like he is a pedophile. It’s just that although they are living with him, we don’t have any proof they are underage or in any way molested.”

She listens again

“I know, I understand fully where you are coming from. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it must be a duck. Again, it’s just so far no one in our jurisdiction has come forward as a witness.”

She listens again

Of, course Chief. We have interviewed dozens of children that have come in contact with him, and so far, all they have been able to say about him has been what a wonderful person he is. There have been some claims of touching, but none in a clearly sexual manner.”

She listens again

“No, Chief, I am not trying to drag my feet on this. It’s just if there have actually been crimes committed, they haven’t been in our jurisdiction.”

She listens again

“I know he regularly comes in contact with children here, but without sufficient proof, we can’t stop that. Maybe the Mayor can have the court issue a temporary restraining order.”

She again listens

“No, I am not trying to pass the buck, Chief.”

She again listens

“If you insist, I will bring him in. I just think it is a really bad idea. You know we won’t be able to hold him, and when the press gets wind of this, the crap is going to really hit the fan.”

She again listens

“Fine, fine. I’ll send Fin and Amanda to go get him.

She listens again.

“Yes, right away. But I’ll be damned if I am going to put cuffs on him.”

She listens again to some negative remark and then hangs up the phone shaking her head.

Olivia goes out into the bullpen and yells, “Fin (Sgt Tutuola), Amanda (Detective Rollins), I need you in my office now,” and Olivia returns to her office and sits down behind her desk.

After Fin and Amanda have come into Olivia’s office and taken seats opposite her desk.

“You’re not going to like this, but I want you to go bring him in.”

Fin says, “Olivia, this is stupid. We talked about this many times before. We don’t have a solid case against the man.”

Olivia replies, “Fin, I promise you it is not my idea. It’s the Mayor and the Chief’s idea. I tried to talk the Chief out of it, but he is insistent, he’s under a lot of pressure.”

“Are they both stupid?” asks Fin.

Olivia replies, “Fin, I am not going to go into a pissing contest with you on this. It is out of my hands. The Chief has ordered me to do it, so damn it, we’ll do it. I want you and Amanda to bring him into custody post haste.”

“Olivia, I am with Fin on this,” declares Amanda. “I think it is a terrible idea, and we are going to be the laughingstock of the city.”

Olivia is quiet for a while and then shakes her head in exasperation, “Just do it, damn it!”

“Fine,” Fin answers frustratingly and after thinking for a few seconds asks, “But how in the hell are we supposed to get from here to the North Pole?”

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