Why should we have to wear masks if we are fully vaccinated? Who are we protecting, the un-vaccinated?

If we are fully vaccinated, our risks are likely so low that we don’t need the protection, but if we still choose to wear a mask, that should be our personal decision.

When people choose not to be vaccinated and not wear a mask, that is also their personal choice. If they get sick or die, it is really not our problem, it’s theirs, and the medical establishment. However, there is a simple solution to the latter, stop treating the un-vaccinated.

The insurance companies should refuse to pay medical payments or death claims for those that have refused to be vaccinated. Clearly, those people deliberately exposed themselves to unnecessarily high risks, the same as skydiving. And, if you check, many insurance companies will not pay death benefits for those who perish while skydiving.

Of course, there is a problem with ICU beds being above capacity, but again there is a simple answer. Don’t admit adults who are not vaccinated or give them a low priority for admittance.

In fact, why not just strap the un-vaccinated adults that come to a hospital suffering from COVID to a gurney and shoot them full of narcotics to relieve their pain and suffering. If they survive afterward, good for them!

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