Coffee with Harvey

Packed Full of Humorous Social Commentary

In Coffee With Harvey two men, long-time friends and unrepentant curmudgeons, tackle topics ranging from national politics to interpersonal civility; from relationships to interior decorating. They’ve “been around the block” a time or two, so their opinions reflect more than a little expertise and experience.

These two get together over coffee regularly where there is always something on the table that has stirred Harvey’s passions. The result is repartee that is often both acerbic and affectionate and always entertaining.

Sometimes these two old warriors have rare and surprising insights into the workings of the world.

Readers will find themselves mulling over their own viewpoints as they read the words of these two opinionated rogues.

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About the Book

Grab a cup of coffee, sit back and enjoy Coffee With Harvey. It is filled with wit and humor, wisdom and truisms, it is a book for our times.

In 2018, Richard published his first creative work, A Place to Cross the River, in which he shared stories of his life growing up in Rocky Ford, Colorado. His second book, the one you hold in your hands, was mostly complete when he suddenly passed away.

Friends rallied to prepare the book and publish it posthumously. We would like to thank members of the Fort Collins Senior Writing Group who generously gave support and feedback while he wrote this book.

A special thank you needs to be given to Elliot Actor and Terry Walters who edited the almost-final draft and took the necessary steps to publish it. We are certain that Richard would have wanted to dedicate the book to his lovely wife, Linda Sand Guest. Linda, also a writer, read many of the rough drafts; providing ideas and feedback.

Genre: Humorous
Length: 233 Pages
ISBN: 1708445811
List Price: 8.99
eBook Price: 0.99
Coffee With Harvey is a delight! It chronicles the edgy, funny, and impressively erudite conversations between two engaging curmudgeons. Over years of strong coffee--with the tolerant and abiding love only two old friends can achieve--they probe and explore the essential truths of every important aspect of life including politics, marriage, health, and religion--not to mention sex, baseball and fly-fishing. It's a proverbial page-turner--but not just for the stories. You get to love these two old guys and don't want your friendship to end. Robert J. Taylor, author of Hardship Post and Memories Lost and Found: a Search for Family Heritage.
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About the Author
Richard Guest

Dr. Richard E. Guest, passed away on February 5, 2019 of heart failure.
A brilliant gentleman, Richard served within many vocations throughout his life including as a licensed clinical psychologist in private practice for over thirty years; as a Methodist minister; as the director of several counseling centers; as an Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy for Colorado State University; and as a worker for people whose place in society was often in jeopardy. He earned a Bachelor of Science in Biological Science from Colorado State University, a Master of Divinity from The Iliff School of Theology and a Doctorate of Philosophy from Northwestern University. In later years, he worked in several capacities for the Larimer County Department of Health and Human Services, managing the office at Estes Park, Colorado; then, moving to Fort Collins and working for transportation issues for the disabled; and establishing a program to reduce recidivism within the Larimer County Jail, among other such undertakings throughout Fort Collins.
He loved the outdoors and spent many happy hours as a youth hunting (but later only with a camera) and as a life-long fisherman whose skills as a fly-tying fisherman were much in demand. On many occasions, he was the only one in a group to catch fish. He recently published an autobiography entitled A Place to Cross the River highlighting his early life in Rocky Ford. His skills as an author, musician, singer, photographer, poet, and artist were remarkable. In addition, his ability to connect with others and to remember the myriad facts, data, and knowledge of the world was unsurpassed. Trite as it might seem, Richard Guest was truly a man for all seasons.

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