A Place to Cross the River

A Place to Cross the River

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Genre: Inspirational

What was it like to grow up as a Baby Boomer? A Baby Boomer in a small Western town? In a narrative style reminiscent of Robert Ruark, Mark Twain, and Gene Shepard, the author transports readers to a recent era just before the politics of greed and the frenetic explosion of technology irrevocably changed the world. Often funny, sometimes touching and ultimately uplifting, A Place to Cross the River allows readers a personal glimpse into the rural world of America during the period that spawned the Baby Boomer generation. Come along and share that “kinder, gentler time and place” through eyes that lived it first hand.

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Elliot Actor is a retired IBM marketing executive and did not take up creative writing until very late in life. Almost all his previously published writings were limited solely to articles and reports that were technical, marketing, or business-related. His first book published in 2015 on Amazon was based primarily on a fictionalized accounting of his memoirs while serving in Marine Corps Recon as a sniper in Vietnam. That novel for personal and legal reasons he published anonymously under a pen name. Although no advertising was done this novel has sold quite well, and Elliot learned he enjoyed writing, especially fiction, and had a talent for storytelling. To improve his writing skills Elliot took several online fiction writing classes and joined weekly writer’s groups. The Forgotten Bomb published on Amazon in 2018, and the follow on novel DESPOT, published in 2019 are a direct result of those efforts. His latest action/adventure thriller The Exiles published in 2020 is a further culmination of the development of his fiction writing skills.

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