Writer’s Block

Whether we write fiction, non-fiction, poetry, screenplays, or maybe even porno. The one thing we all have in common is writer’s block. Somedays, words seem to pour out effortlessly and on other’s zip.

In almost any writing periodical you pick up, at least one article mentions writer’s block and that author’s personal methods to successfully deal with it.

They have suggested all forms of solutions such as: taking a walk, getting something to eat, exercising, yoga, tai chi, meditating, freewriting, having a stiff drink, removing your clothes, and in one case, even masturbation.

Being a newer writer and a bit gullible, I have tried many of those techniques, some of which are pretty bizarre. But so far, as expected, none of them have worked for me.

Is there a simple all-around solution? Of course not. All of us have our own ways we attempt to deal with it, and hopefully, for some of you, it is successful. The only solution I have found so far is patience and time while waiting for the muse to finally return.

Fortunately, there are those fantastic days when putting down a thousand words or more just seems to happen, and then, unfortunately, those days, sometimes even weeks, waiting for that moment of inspiration to again return.

The good news for me is that I am not on any time schedule or deadline to get something written. And, no editors or publishers are breathing down my neck, and there are no financial hardships if I take too long or fail to finish.

I can only imagine the immense pressure of what it would be like to be a screenplay writer for a television series and have to keep turning out successful episodes each week. The stress to produce has got to be ungodly for them.

So, I guess the secret, which I find easy to do, is to not be too successful since if you are, someone would indeed be pressuring you to write more and do it as quickly as possible.


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Elliot Actor is a retired IBM marketing executive and did not take up creative writing until very late in life. Almost all his previously published writings were limited solely to articles and reports that were technical, marketing, or business-related.

His first book published in 2015 on Amazon was based primarily on a fictionalized accounting of his memoirs while serving in Marine Corps Recon as a sniper in Vietnam. That novel for personal and legal reasons he published anonymously under a pen name. Although no advertising was done this novel has sold quite well, and Elliot learned he enjoyed writing, especially fiction, and had a talent for storytelling.

To improve his writing skills Elliot took several online fiction writing classes and joined weekly writer’s groups. The Forgotten Bomb published on Amazon in 2018, and the follow on novel DESPOT, published in 2019 are a direct result of those efforts.

His latest action/adventure thriller The Exiles published in 2020 is a further culmination of the development of his fiction writing skills.

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