Our family origin – Why should we care?

About three years ago I had my DNA tested by ancestry.com and learned that I was 90% Eastern European, 6% Spanish, 3% Scandinavian and 1% Middle Eastern. Three months ago, I had my wife tested and learned she like me was predominately Eastern European and about 10% British.

OK, so what? If I had learned, I was predominately German I sure as hell wasn’t going out and buy lederhosen like those silly TV commercials or if I found out I was predominately Scottish I wasn’t going to buy myself a kilt and damn sure I was not going to take up the bagpipes.

So why do we do people test themselves and why do we all care?

The only answers I can come up with is that we are looking for some interesting or exciting news like I was actually the grandson of Rasputin, as I claimed in “My Grandmother”, or perhaps the lost heir to the Romanoff throne.

Maybe we just hope we will be linked to a rich or famous relative and benefit from the connection? Other than that, I can’t think of much else of value the test accomplished.

Looking back to when I first received my DNA test results the only thing that might have given me pause would have been if I learned I had a significant Negro blood in my ancestry. And while that surely would have caused me to reflect back on my life and past actions, it would not have changed a damn thing. The only good part of that revelation would be fun I would have to see the shocked reaction from my kids and my family when I told them the news.

I will admit since I was tested I have been contacted by a few new distant cousins, but I couldn’t care less. My attitude has always been, you can pick your friends, but you are stuck with all those damn relatives. However, if any of these new cousins told me they were rich, and they offered to send me money or an inheritance I was due that viewpoint could quickly change.

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